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It's the City. It's the ninth edition of THE Best of Show Awards. It's the iMac. And it will be back to Boston next year for the '99 summer edition of Macworld Expo.

Only a couple hundred exhibitors showed their cool Mac stuff to a pultry thirtysomething thousand Mac addicts. Now with that said, it's still the best of times to be working and playing on a Macintosh and the Big Apple was the place to be to see it all.

Steve Jobs even dropped by to show off the iMac and, in case you've been out of town, it's "up to twice as fast as..."

Full moon over the Big Apple
taken from my Chelsea hotel room.

Best of Show Awards
Macworld expo

New York City 1998
Tom Carrolan

Oh yes, the iMacs were there, by the dozens: you could look; you could touch. The USB peripherals were a focus for many vendors: showing off their iMac companions. And there was so much more.

Is the iMac a "real steal?" It would seem so, as America Online's Luis Montiel and Marty White try to make off with one of the little not-quite-available beauties.

The N.E.Mac ["any Mac"] Best of Show Awards for Macworld Expo NYC -- the one and only -- has been updated for the occasion:

If Steve Jobs can change HIS logo, I certainly can reinvent the format for these award pages. It's about time. I've wanted to do it to fit in lots of digital images: from the winners' boothes, elsewhere around the show, and around town.

So you've never been to Boston, San Francisco, or New York for that matter, at any time and you're curious. What's going on inside the show and what else does the city have to offer?

Maybe the answer is here.

The Javits Center is about eight blocks from anywhere. It has an erector set lobby where every other space quickly leads you into darkness by comparison. There were long lines in the lobby area, not for admission but for the opportunity to buy Apple gear at the first-time AppleDesign booth. The Macworld Expo people have hawked wearables at shows but this is first appearance of a lobby booth of new Apple logo stuff. They were sold out in the first couple of days. Not bad considering the light attendance.
And now...

Macworld Expo NYC 98 Best of Show winners >>>

N.E. Mac ["any Mac"] Best of Show Winners for Macworld Expo New York City 98:

Hey mister, wanna buy a Mac: Apple's Powerbook G3
Sign of the Times: Palm III • Keyspan's USB PCI Card
Three More Signposts: Qualcomm's EudoraPro Email • Dr. Solomon's Virex • STF Technologies' FAXstf
www.webstuff.com: GoLive's CyberStudio Personal Edition • Adobe's ImageReady
Paper Stock: MacToday magazine • Peachpit Press' Web Design WOW! Book • GCC's Elite 12/600 Laser Printer
Imagination Unlimited: Disney's Blast Online • IBVA System • MetaCreations' Painter Classic

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