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Best of Show Awards
N.E.Mac Macworld expo

New York City 1999
Tom Carrolan

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES | It was very clear by 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Not only had Mac users found their way to New York City for Expo but they knew the Steve Jobs keynote was happening and a line of several thousand curved around the block. A year ago at the first NYC expo, attendance was, well, a little on the light side.

Apple managed to keep the introduction of the iBook under wraps literally. They covered the Apple area of the show floor so no one could see the isles of iBook until their debut.

Just a single, silver power cord ran from the backs of the iBooks on display. They were in fact connected to the Internet by way of Apple's new wireless Airport technology: interior cards and silver hubs on lighted table tops. Displayed in a similar fashion to the iMacs at their introduction. Another iExpo.

USB peripherals and iColored accessories ruled this summer's Mac world with many useful and winning products for iShoppers. "And tell us, what did they win?" They won space here in the 11th edition of the N.E. Mac ["any Mac"] Best of Show Awards.

You know, a year ago, there were a lot of "empty suits" in clear plastic... the world is catching up with Steve Jobs... again.

And Steve isn't fooling around when it comes to the Mac and games for the Macintosh! Making the Mac a serious gaming machine is the current badge of honor for computer performance and we are not to out gunned. The newest versions of the best games are on their way and in the mean time Mac gameboys -- and gamegirls -- had no trouble finding a place to zone at Expo.

Tracks. That's what you want when you're online or gaming. Got to have your own music. Once upon a time it was enough that your parents hated your music [or at best didn't understand it]. Now those tunes sound even better when they're free and mixed the way you want. Bring on the Internet and MP3 formatted music.

In addition to the 11th edition of the N.E. Mac ["any Mac"] Best of Show Awards you can see more images from Macworld Expo.

And now...

Macworld Expo NYC 99 Best of Show winners >>>

N.E. Mac ["any Mac"] Best of Show Winners for Macworld Expo New York City 99:

The Most Searched for 3 Letter Word isn't "Sex": Casady & Greene's SoundJam, I-Jam Multimedia's I-Jam
Accessorizing your iMac: The GrabPac, Vu Ryte's iStation, Don Rittner’s The iMac Book
USB? Me too: Keyspan's Digital Media Remote, Neopost's Simple Postage, Eskape Labs' myTV
"I'm Just Glad to be Here, Hope I Can Help the Ball Club...": VST's FireWire HDs, IBM's Via Voice, Galleon Software's eMerge
The [Web] Works: Macromedia's Dreamweaver & Fireworks 2
iRetro: Tekserve's Mac Museum

As usual with N.E.Mac's awards, they were almost all handed out and on display at the show (along with winners from previous Macworld Expos). Best of Show operatives and unindicted co-conspirators include Don Rittner and Jeff Kane, MD.

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