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If you are a Best of Show award winner, this is the shameless self-promotion department. Go ahead, you deserve it!

Here are 2, 3, and 4 inch wide interlaced and transparent gifs ready to go on a web site. Just drag off a copy to your desktop.

You can also download an eps version for making your own Best of Show art for print work, like a magazine ad or product box... we aim to please.

You might colorize it or move parts around to meet your design needs. You'll also need someone who knows how to work Bezier curves in the likes of Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand. Don't try this at home.

We suggest you link our award art to:
That's the main Best of Show page. But you might want to go to the actual expo page that has your product on it and that's okay with us. Just add a "/" plus either "boston" or "sf" and then "year.html"
So MacWorld Expo for Boston in 1997 would be:


Begun as a project of the Boston Computer Society's Macintosh User Group at MacWorld Expo Boston in August of 1994, the Best of Show awards continue to be issued twice annually -- in Boston & San Francisco -- by the New England Macintosh Conspiracy.

N.E.Mac ["any Mac"] looks for Mac coolness wherever it may exist at the show. We're selective with our user group honors and only choose 20 products per Expo. Stuff qualifies if it's both fun and affordable.

For business, creativity, or personal use the Best of Show awards go to software with a price tag under $200 [with many sub-$100] and hardware up to $500. In other words, Macintosh wares for the rest of us. Of course we make exceptions... for exceptional stuff.

You might want to see examples of how others have "exploited" us and made the most of their Best of Show honors.


Or get 'em both, download a PostScript version for editing yourself in Illustrator or Freehand as well as a gif.