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San Francisco 1996
Tom Carrolan
From MacWorld Expo to you. This new table format represents our first no-paper issue of the Best of Show Awards. Now brought to you by N.E. Mac ["any Mac"]... as The Boston Computer Society sinks slowly into the sunset. Sunk by people without a clue or a mission. Too bad, we had fun and did good... at BCS Mac.

Best of Show Award to...

Best of Show Company

What We Say!

Shadow Wraith StarPlay Great 2D space maze game with enough effects to equal 3D. Things not people get blown up, if that makes a difference [we think it does].
Suitcase 3.0 Symantec The Great One returns! This is drag and drop font heaven for managing even a few families of type.
Internet Phone for the Mac VocalTec Let your IP do the walking... anywhere over the Internet with a local call.
Dramatica Pro ScreenPlay Systems Is it a Hollywood writing tool or a great learning tool for movie buffs? It's both
Flight Unlimited A Looking Glass Technology A great flight simulator fueled by real stereo photography for real landscapes and that beats boring Microsoft anyday.
Live Picture 2.5 Live Picture USA Better, cheaper, and still very high end photo compostion for the professional designer but priced for the future designer. John Sculley included at no extra charge.
FileMaker Pro 3.0 Claris A FileMaker database you can relate to. Those who know the old FM will not have to relearn anything but there's a portal here to a new world of information you'll like.
PageTool, QXTools, DrawTools, Intellihance Extensis A suite of enhancements for the rest of us. Shortcuts included for the beginner and advanced user. In fact no one could possibly use all the features and that's a great feature in itself.
Quicken 6.0 Intuit Online Mac-banking included in a good upgrade.
Cyberdog Apple Copland-class Open Doc programming application-maker for Internet tasks disguised as a simple desktop application anyone can use now!
Stitch Painter Cochenille Design Studio Make MacSweaters in your spare time and have time left over... for more sweaters?!
Computer Furniture Green Design Furniture Too cool and probably too expensive Mac furniture from Maine. BUT you'll love it... no formica trees sacrificed in the manufacture.
Retrospect 3.0 Dantz The backup software hits a new generation.
Marionet Allegiant Technologies Build-it-yourself Internet browsers and applications aimed at teachers but hits the need of everyone with a story to tell on the web.
Beyond the Mac Is Not a Typewriter Peachpit Press But of course. Beyond is a must read for Robin Williams fans... who did I leave out? The Beyond refers to a quick and easy expansion of the original Typewriter matter for the person interested in good design with type: both the how and why are made simple here.

Best of Show operatives and unindicted co-conspirators: Joe Kelley, David Drucker, Andy Ihnatko, and Jeff Kane, MD.

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