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MacWorld Exposition: San Francisco 97
Tom Carrolan
  Following the Rains of '97, MacWorld Expo shined on the return of Steve Jobs to the Mac scene. Clones were everywhere in San Francisco and Java apps anyone can work meant "MacWorld" continues to equal "WebWorld"... and that's a good thing! Anyone who doesn't get the WEB will join those who didn't get: LANGUAGE, ROUND, TALKIES, TV.  

Best of Show Award to...

Best of Show Company

What We Say!

The Everyday Mac: The mundane everyday tasks -- writing, saving, printing, computer upkeep -- are anything but when you're using a Macintosh... "We'll have fun fun fun till Daddy takes the P-Mac away."
StyleScript GDT Softworks, Inc. Like a hardware upgrade for your color ink jet printer! Now adds smooth Postscript rendering for all those great Hewlett Packard color printers (Best of Show Boston 95) as well as Apple and Epson ink jets. Just the thing for any PageMaker or QuarkXPress practitioner. And GDT make it look easy... that's software at its best. All for a hundred bucks, more or less.
Spring Cleaning Aladdin Sure you could clean up your act without any help -- old/obsolete prefs, aliases, etc. After all this is the Mac. BUT why not let the Stuffit Deluxe Team kids do it for you. Does thorough uninstalls for any application too.
FlashBack Aladdin The business of updating documents just went on a tear! Simple to use, FlashBack [introduced by 6prime as REV in SF] quickly keeps "versions" of your works in progress whether it's Excel or Illustrator or whatever so it's back to the future with this Mac time machine.
Nisus Writer 5.0 Nisus Software Inc. alt.Word.slo? New OpenDoc version of this Best of Show favorite is ready to meet your everyday and industrial strength word processing needs. Small price tag -- a standard feature.
The Web: Still the driving force for just about every company exhibiting at MacWorld. We managed to be surprised still by these cool web sights.
PointCast PointCast All kinds of streaming custom news comes to you free over the Internet. Give these folks a look see. Nice option: today's news can be downloaded and read offline.
Web Explosion 20,000 Nova Development Cheaper by the ton. That could be their motto at NovaD. Here's a couple of tons of web-ready art: high quality buttons, fruit, people, office parts, etc., animations, even transparent gifs. Fifty bucks for this load.
Cocoa Apple Bringing kids together on the Internet. Apple provides the tools for expression of young ideas... sounds familiar, sounds like just another day at the No.#1 education computer company. Students make animated web pages and share them with other kids using a plug-in.
Hardware: Where less is more. Expo always offers plenty of MacOpportunity to make a big purchase. But we like the little things in life. Great deals delivered with a low impact price tag.
MacPicasso Village Tronic PCI-based video cards for the rest of us priced from $99. Their monitor control panel software will reinvent how we view the world allowing custom monitor setting for different uses and the techie tools to hook up any monitor to a Mac. Several PCI cards and even a NuBus offering fits every need and any budget.
EtherLan PB 1400-T Focus Enhancements Ethernet bargain for the new PowerBook 1400. Good news for that office connection.
Cables Etc. TECHcessories Cables for every occasion, all matter of disk enclosures plus killer serial switchers to hook up all your little toys and tools.
SCSI Stuff Granite Digital Everything SCSI -- cables and terminators and adapters, oh my. More gold here than on QVC.
JAVA For the Rest of Us: PageMill-like Java apps debut in SF. Here they are -- from simple to high-end.
PageCharmer Mainstay Here's plug and play Java for the graphically challenged amongst us. Choose pre-fab animated buttons, add your messages to the Times Square light marquee, automate a countdown dated message, and many more effects. Got to have this one!
Flash Macromedia Premiere-like interface in a tiny package for making spiffy animations and text effects taking one-tenth the K of a QuickTime movie. You need a little talent [or know some one who has some] but Flash does the rest and you'll look like a pro.
 ActionLine Interactive Media Corporation If you like cranking out those presentations in PowerPoint or Persuasion, you'll be right at home with ActionLine. Full Java web creation with no programming.
 Coda  RandomNoise Very high-end but still WYSIWYG. This bad boy makes web pages with all the Java effects of any site you've ever seen and you never have to see the code.
 Now That's Entertainment: Hey, the Mac's not all fun and games... okay, yes it is.
3D Atlas '97
ABC News Links
Creative Wonders Two great adventure games disguised as reference CD's for geography and social studies. Slip 'em into your kid's computer when they're not looking.
The Taiko  Parcwave, Inc. The Japanese Drum CD. Experience men and women playing the drums or see how the drums are made. Play the CD in an audio player and just enjoy their driving rhythms but don't drum and drive... you'll be doing 100 mph on the Mass Pike in no time... [like the troopers would even notice]
Starry Night Deluxe Sienna Software This full-featured star gazer is rated "R" for realistic. And that's what clearly sets SND apart from the Best of Show award-winning Voyager II. Unique design gives the observer the look and feel of traveling through space and time with natural panning and zooming. Under a hundred bucks.
Timelapse GTE Entertainment Makes Myst looks like Pac Man. Getting lost in this four CD journey is half the fun but you'll want to keep a notebook if you plan to be home by breakfast.

As usual with N.E.Mac's awards, they were almost all handed out and on display at the show (with a couple of exceptions). Best of Show operatives and unindicted co-conspirators include Jacob Russell and Jeff Kane, MD.

We try to get the web links right but at any moment in time or quite permanently a link may be down... such is life on the Internet.

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