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Best of Show Awards

San Francisco 1998
Tom Carrolan

Innovative Mac stuff prevailed on the west coast and either Steve Jobs or El Niño will be get the credit... check your local newspaper for details. Two of THE most popular booths -- Microsoft Office 98 for Macintosh and GoLive's CyberStudio -- demonstrated big innovative stuff showed in SF. And again, the Mac leads the way for everything that's creative and efficient about personal computers. Web connections were everywhere.
Macworld expo

Best of Show Award to...
Best of Show Company
What We Say!
Digital Cameras
From the ePhoto 307 with its sub $300 price to the newest 780 & 1280 hovering on either side of a grand, Afga makes damn fine digital cameras that consistently take great pictures: indoors or out, with or without the flash.
DeBabelizer 3
Every web graphic professional has been waiting for this one to get Mac-like. The features are industrial-strength including automated thumbnail creation and strong scripting for quick generation of web images.
PhotoFrame 1.0
From the "It's About Time File" we now have very cool edging for images -- made easy by the kings of Photoshop plug-ins, those Extensisites. It's now one step to place, adjust, and effect the frame before you apply it over your image. A time-saver. A must have.
Surf Express
RAM Doubler. Quick Cam. Speed Doubler. Surf Express: comes with the best pedigree and delivers nose bleed speed for your favorite web browser using the same old modem. You can tweek it thru the app. or use it right out of the box.

Kid's Web Kit

Peachpit Press
Avatars: More than a party mask, virtual identities can represent us in cyberworlds as we create communities without limitations/burdens. Bruce Damer magics us an excursion and then it's up to you to take it from there...
Kid's Web Kit: Lydia Weinman is a goddess of web design and now she offers a guide for young web masters -- go for it.
Web Archer
ClearWay Technologies
Wickedly simple way to unify your web searches. This little app. works while you roam the world wide web residing happily in a tiny window that appears to be a part of your browser. Download this one immediately!
Fill your PCI-aching with a cool card attached to a very cool A/V dongle" the Buz Box. What next? Plug and play any and all video and sound toys [or equipment, if you're at work] from camcorders to S-Video. Once it's inside your digital world, life is good.
QuickTime 3.0
This is a big-time upgrade to the cross-platform standard for all manner of multimedia. BTW, it's from Apple... who else.
Fire that video into your PowerBook 3400/2400 thru your PC card slot. Do it for under 150 bucks.
Personal Update Server
Shaman Corporation
Okay, you need this one. There are just too many applications and extensions with upgrades and new versions releasing every day for even the Mac expert to keep track in this crazy world.And the price is right.
Processor Cards
Newer Technology
Every single product these guys offer is a great deal: plenty of bang for the buck. Get your G3 fix ASAP.
TestStrip 2.0
Vivid Details
See it to believe it. Know nothing about Photoshop theory but use TestStrip to improve and create better images. The latest version is a great upgrade and an intuitive plug-in. G-E-T--I-T... for under a hundred.
Kingdom II Shadoan


TIG Publishing
Just right for your young friends who just can't get enough of the Disney movies like "Beauty and the Beast" or "The Little Mermaid" complete with a great soundtrack and memorable songs. These adventure games from Rick Dyer [Dragon's Lair] are great fun for kids, 7 years old or so.
Real Pool
Another entertainment option where everyone has fun and no one dies. Polished for a realistic look, Real Pool is an easy pastimer for PowerMac.
Microshaft's Winblows 98
Palladium Interactive
Plenty o'fun and great theater these parody players filled the void left by PowerComputing. Billy G, looking like another BG, hooked expo wanderers into the world of the Internet Exploiter and the Billagotchi. The later, a little pet Bill who needs more money... or else. All this and more on a $20 CD-ROM.

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