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Best of Show Awards
Macworld expo

San Francisco 1999
Tom Carrolan

Welcome to Macworld Expo. The first show for 1999. And as always it's in San Francisco.

This is also the tenth edition of the N.E.Mac ["any Mac"] Best of Show awards... those are on display right now on the show floor... along with several from last summer's one and only show in NYC... a few from last January and one from
Boston '97!

Here are some images from the first day of the show including the keynote.


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N.E. Mac ["any Mac"] Best of Show Winners for Macworld Expo San Francisco 1999:

The iMac Wave Rolls On: Apple OS 8.5.1, CE Soft QuicKeys 4.0, Dantz Retrospect Express
And USB Accesories:
Microtech USB to SCSI, Ariston iView, Infowave PowerPrint
Games For The Rest of Us:
Free Verse & Masque Solitaire Cards, Sierra Attractions After Dark Games
How Retro... Books:
Guy Kawasaki's Rules for Revolutionaries, Peachpit Press' iMac Book & Mac Bible
Imagination On The Mac:
Back To The Future:
PowerOn Action Files Suite, Alsoft's Disk Warrior
Science In the Palm Of Your Hand:
Imagiworks Imagilab

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