Digita: A Gallery of Digital Camera Images

Welcome to the second photo show on HawksAloft.com. The first -- on the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and Mexico -- has consistently been the most visited area of this web site! It is still online; you can visit it using the icon below. Those were all 35mm slides transferred onto PhotoCD.

This effort presents truly digital images... no film was harmed in the making of this gallery!

I got my first digital camera from Agfa about three years ago. It had pretty limited point and shot capabilities, but it sported a list price under $300 and took very good, albeit small, pictures. Since then, I've had access to cameras from Olympus and Fujifilm. These cameras came with more bells and whistles... including an LCD screen that the original camera lacked. The maximum image size from the old Agfa was 640 by 480 pixels: the size of 14 inch computer monitor. Both the Olympus and Fujifilm take images that range up over 10 inches square.

While the magazine reviews and experts will insist you purchase a camera with a resolution of 2 or 3 megapixels costing $800 to $1000 to take pictures, the images here were all taken with units whose digital display was 1.3 megapixels, costing under $500.

Almost all the images here are displayed at 640x480 or less. Also they have even been compressed and pared down so their files come in well under 100K each to load fairly quickly, even with a modem connection. The focus here, literally, is on the subject and composition... for your enjoyment. Still, they look pretty damn good and take my word for it, the huge originals are pretty sharp and print out as good as any 35mm image I have in my collection.

Now, with the advent of several online photo sites, anyone and everyone can put their snapshots online. And they are! Shutterfly.com is the Amazon [.com] of the genre. Based on a presentation at Macworld Expo NYC, I have put another eighteen images -- a companion exhibit to this one -- up at Zing.com, check them out through the image just above... oops, Zing has gone bye-bye [bought by Kodak's Ofoto site] so I moved the second gallery here for now.

I hope you enjoy your time here... First Image >>