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The Natural Raptor Association: "Membership open to all... with proper identification." So this is the hawk/owl portion of the program. Our hawk watching handbill says it all. Or not.
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"Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul. One brave deed is worth a thousand books."
(or a 1,000 web sites)

-- Edward Abbey (w/ T.Carrolan)

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"Above the modest house and the palace -- the same darkness.
Above the evil man and the just, the same stars.
Above the child who will recover and the child who will
not recover, the same energies roll forward..."

-- Mary Oliver

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Fog, rain, and a Christmas Eve Raptor Count '05 Golden Eagle [12/05]
Nice Roughleg number in Vermont for a Thanksgiving Day Raptor Count '05 [11/05]
Report of the great, gray Groundhog Day Raptor Count '05 [2/05]
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Thanksgiving Raptor Count for '04 is online [12/04]
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Groundhog Day '04... six more weeks of Winter raptors [2/04]
Wintertails pages updated. [2/04]
The long-standing Christmas Eve Raptor Counts are online. [1/04]
Thanksgiving Raptor Count for 2003 online. [12/03]
An image of the amazing Northern Lights show generated by recent solar activity. [11/03]
Heads-up on new raptor field guides from Brian Wheeler. [9/03]
Groundhog Day Raptor Counts online. [2/03]
Eastern Red-tailed Hawks with western-like tendencies,
expanded. [1/03]
Christmas Eve Raptor Counts online. [12/02]
Thanksgiving Day Raptor Counts online. [12/02]
A summary page for digital photo essays on this site has been added. [5/01]
The Plum Island Hawk Watch has its own page. [4/01]
An experiment: Hawk Owl picts taken w/digital camera & Kowa 30x scope... check it out. [1/01]
It took quite awhile to get a second photo essay up... now there are three photo galleries online! [11/00]
The UnPlum page has more Spring hawk watching and hawk photos. [7/00]
Mt. Tom visit: involves two other Toms. [11/99]
Now that's entertainment: Fall hawk watching at Mt.Wachusett MA.
Spring hawk watch
open for biz: Plum Island MA.
Second raptor trip
to Northern NY: ice storm aftermath, still lots of Roughlegs.
Christmas Eve Day Raptor Count '97: Roughlegs, more Roughlegs, and a new meaning for "trailhead."
Damns unplugged: what a concept and this time it could be legal.
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