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The New England Macintosh Conspiracy continues some of the fun stuff we used to do at BCS Mac.

First issued at Macworld Boston 94, the Best of Show awards continue to honor cool Mac stuff at Macworld Expo Boston and San Francisco... and beginning in summer of 1998, in New York.

Soon they'll be lots of photos from upcoming Macworld Expos: for those who can't make it and for those who do!

Links to And then there's show shirts. We produced a nifty design for Macworld Expo Boston '97 and while they were available after the show for sale, now, with the passage of Macworld Expo SF '98, alas they are all gone .

SiteLink - Best o' the Web for Macintosh is THE best source of Mac-related links and we recommend them for Internet connectedness.

Open houses have taken an hiatus but may start up again when you least expect it. The need for a user group and maybe even a club house is a real issue for the Boston area...

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