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A hawk watching handbill from the nra[natural raptor association]:
Memberships open to all... with proper identification
Our count, such as it is: various sites/unspecified dates
Our quest: truth, beauty & a good, long look at every hawk.

Printed annually in blazing color and distributed by hand
or tacked on old wood doors by night throughout the kingdom.

 sex, lies, and bandwidth: 1997 Issue

HawksAloft.com Takes Flight
Online. Irreverent. Inconsequential.

Cape May Annual Pilgrimage
Traditions are a good thing... here's one.

Bad Hawk Watch Checklist
Follow these proven techniques, or not.

Spring '97 Hawk Watch @ Plum I.
Another anecdotal spring along the coast.

August Hawk Watch '97
Having as much fun as soon as possible.

  Winter Count: 1996 Issue

Christmas Eve Day
Traditions are a good thing... here's one.

Owls R Us
Impromptu field trip for winter raptors.

California Counting
Another kind of winter raptor excursion along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Current Events
Old habits die hard in eastern Mass.

Short Stories.
Falcon & accipiter quizzes.
Cape May & Kiptopeke pilgrimage.
Spring '96 at Plum Island line scores.

Counter Culture: 1995 Issue

NRA Blows Away 20 Year Grand Totals in 4 Years!
In just four years observers with a different point of view bypassed 20 years of season totals.

Final Jeopardy Answer: 1990 Dodge.
Lessons on hawk id are short-lived in eastern Mass.

Betty's Story.
A young Broadwing gets no respect.

Short Stories.
Cool hawk food.
Late season totals.
Cape May planning guide.