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nra: the other one
The Natural Raptor Association [nra] and its partner in crime, the Wachusett Birding Authority [WBA], are shadowy groups -- dis-organizations. Members are always cloaked in binoculars. A species evolving to count, as well as care deeply. We're party animals too. Membership, free to all with proper identification, includes:
The Cloaked Gang

August: alt.Wachusett Mt.

The Cloaked Ranger

September: It's official

October: It must be Cape May

November: Hawks aloft atop South Pack

December: alt.Wachusett Mt. On the other end of the season

January... coming soon
February... coming soon

March: Niels Maumenee [Derby Hill Hawk Watcher '98]
and Jim Tietz '97 at, where else,
Derby Hill on Lake Ontario NY

April: Ed Mair works the dunes of his
old haunt, Plum Island's
Parking Lot #1.

May: Working the [way ]
inland Bald Eagle flight at Plum.

June: In the dunes! On the outermost hawk watch... Cape Cod.

July... coming soon

Because inquiring minds want to know:

All the "watcher" photographs above were candid shots; none were staged. And, well, yes...

We LIKE to Watch...